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The Top Source for Screened Top Soil & Fill Dirt in Southport, NC

Soil is a staple when it comes to landscaping. With so many varieties available, it’s important to pick the right soil for the right purpose. For a beautiful, lasting landscape, you will need top-quality soil from a trusted supplier. Hoffman Eco Works Landscape Supply can help supply you with the high-quality products you needs. 





We work hard to make sure our finished Screened Organic Topsoil is the best you could find. 


Our on-site screener sifts from piles as old as 30 years! Rich, nutrient filled and seasoned dirt, made with natural vegetative debris.....YUP! Got that too!

What Kind of Screened Top Soil Do You Need?

Screened Organic Topsoil

Clean sandy loam screened to eliminate all large material (rocks, roots, sticks) resulting in a great soil. There is typically very little clay in our topsoil, and it is perfect for leveling low spots on your lawn.


We screen local topsoil and blend in the right mix of bark fines and organic compost material to produce a lightweight soil that is easy to spread and great for growing. This material is light and fluffy, doesn't compact easily, great for creating planters and bedding plant areas.

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Fill Dirt

Indigenous soils provides a good construction site grade of Mother Earth soil  for economically  raising up low areas. Generally worked with equipment. Typically topped with a higher quality top soil for lawns. 

Hoffman Eco Works Best Garden Blend

This blend is made from a mixture of composted turkey manure, mushroom compost, and other natural ingredients specifically designed to improve soil fertility, increase plant growth, and enhance overall plant health. The compost is rich in essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that help plants thrive. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable option for gardeners who want to promote healthy and thriving plants without the use of harmful chemicals.


Delivery available to the following areas:


Boiling Springs Lakes, NC

St James, NC

Southport, NC

Caswell Beach, NC

Oak Island, NC

Sunset Harbor, NC

Bolivia, NC

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