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Affordable Landscaping Supplies
for Southport, NC

Hoffman Eco Works Landscape Supply is your local material yard and vegetative recycling center in Southport, NC. We carry a wide selection of mulch, soil, sand, and stone. In addition, we offer consultation services to help you with projects, products and even can refer contractors to get your job done. Hoffman has our own on site soil farm where we help Mother Nature create nutrient rich garden soil, as well as fill dirt and screened organic topsoil. Extra items such as seasoned firewood and hand baled premium NC Long Leaf pine straw are available for your convenience. Learn more about our Eco-friendly landscaping supplies below. If you don’t see the material you need, just ask! 


Driveway Gravel & Landscape Stone for Southport, NC and surrounding areas:

Whether you need retaining wall rocks, topsoil, or decorative stone to complete your commercial or residential landscaping project, the team at Hoffman Eco Works Landscape Supply can help supply you with the high-quality products you needs. We can deliver your order, or you can visit our public material yard to shop for the stone that meets your needs.


Landscaping stone can help with countless projects, including stone pathways, small enclosures, water features, and more. Landscape stone can also help to maintain drainage on your property. Ask our team which type of stone is right for you! We serve Southport, NC.

Masonry Sand for the Southport, NC Area

Buy sand from Hoffman Eco Works Landscape Supply in Southport, NC, and enjoy materials from the best prices available. Sand is one of the most common materials used in landscaping because it is versatile and provides an even, sturdy base needed for many types of projects. If you are building a feature on top of sand, you want your sand to be of the best quality to meet your needs. 


The Top Source for Fill Dirt & Screened Top Soil in Southport, NC

Soil is a staple when it comes to landscaping. With so many varieties available, it’s important to pick the right soil for the right purpose. For a beautiful, lasting landscape, you will need top-quality soil from a trusted supplier. Hoffman Eco Works Landscape Supply can meet your soil needs for residential or commercial applications. 

Mulch Delivery for Southport, NC

Hoffman Eco Works Landscape Supply offers the best mulch delivery in Southport, NC. We can make sure you get the products you need, when you need them. From mulch that is perfect for certain types of garden beds to seasoned firewood, we offer a wide range of mulch products to meet your needs. Mulch is a great way to rejuvenate the look of any home or commercial property. It can decrease irrigation use and protect your landscaping investment by slowing erosion of your topsoil. Mulch also helps to keep plants healthy and protected, and it can save you on water usage and restrict weed growth. 


Landscape Decorations

Hoffman Eco Works Landscape Supply offers the best selection of landscape decorations in the Brunswick County area. From Stepping Stones, Aluminum Garden Beds, Flagstones, Talavera Pottery, Bird Baths,Concrete Furniture and Much More.

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